₹ 5800

Digital Marketing Training & Certification

We are living in digital era and this generates an ecosystem of marketing where social media becomes a powerful platform to take a grip over a bigger mass. Nowadays cor...

₹ 7800

Microsoft Power BI Training & Certification

AI Council launches its certification in the field of Business as Business Intelligence certified professional. Microsoft Power BI is a latest tool in the field of Busi...

₹ 9800

AI for Digital Marketing [AIDM] Training & Certification

AI is continuously getting into many businesses at exponential rate. It includes marketing too. Which leads to marketers integrating artificial intelligence into their digital marketing tactics and...

₹ 19200

AI for Investment Strategies

Like every other domains AI gets into the field of stock trading too and going to change the face of trading in coming future. We can use different AI based tools, AI p...

₹ 7300

R for Data Analysis, Mining and Modelling Training & Certification

AICouncil creates training and development program with maximum focus over hands 0n learning experiences. This training will lead to in depth knowledge of R programming and its use cases in Data Sc...

₹ 5700

Tableau Certification Training

Data visualisation is basically a process to present a data in such a way that even a non-analyst or non-tech person can also make sense of it. Representing a data over...