₹ 7100

Internet of Things Training and Certification

AI council training and certification program over IOT covers the development of IOT based product and services which includes sensing, actuation, processing and using ...

₹ 7900

AWS IoT Practitioner Training & Certification

Amazon web services(AWS) is offering a huge of services in the domain of cloud computing. AWS IOT is one of the popular service build up by Amazon to provide server or ...

₹ 3500

Python Essentials

Python is a general purpose interpreter based high-level language. It is one of most interactive object-oriented open-source programming language with the feature of fl...

₹ 12700

Azure IoT for AZ-202 Certification

Internet of Things is a new sensation in the area of Internet growth. It has a huge capability to create tremendous job opportunities and make our lifestyle more conven...

₹ 6500

IBM watson IOT

Internet of Thing (IOT) is a network of machines where machines can communicate to create a smart surrounding. It is existing around us in our day to day life and commu...

₹ 15500

IOT on Blockchain

When multiple participants, such as farms, manufacturers, processing plants, trucks, ports, ships, distribution centers, and consumer retail outlets, are involved in th...