Azure IoT for AZ-202 Certification

  • Course Duration35 Hrs.
  • Course ModeInstructor Led Training
  • Course Fee₹ 12700

About The Course

Internet of Things is a new sensation in the area of Internet growth. It has a huge capability to create tremendous job opportunities and make our lifestyle more convenient and secure.
AICouncil designed a current Industry focused curriculum for IoT to let you cloud-side solution with device-side.  This course is designed to let you prepare for AZ-202 certification exam for IoT. It will impart the skills and knowledge needed to successfully create and maintain cloud and edge portions of an Azure IoT solution. The needed concepts such as IoT Hub, Device Provisioning Services, Azure Stream Analytics, Time Series Insights and so on will be discussed with maximum hands on experiences to ensure a great learning environment. The focus of the course will be over IoT Edge, device management, monitoring and troubleshooting, security concerns, and Azure IoT Central in addition to Azure PaaS service.

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  • Create, Configure and Manage an Azure IoT hub
  • Provision devices with IOT hub
  • Secure 2-way communication between devices and IoT hub.
  • Time Series insights and business integration requirements.
  • IoT Edge scenarios using market place modules and various edge gateway patterns
  • Custom module and containers
  • Device management using device twins and direct methods
  • Solution monitoring, Logging and diagnostics testing
  • Security concerns and Azure security centre for IoT
  • IoT solution using Azure IoT Central
  • SaaS opportunities for IoT.

Mode of Learning and Duration

  • Weekdays - 5 to 6 weeks
  • Weekend - 6 to 7 weeks
  • FastTrack - 4 to 5 weeks
  • Weekdays - 5 to 6 weeks
  • Weekend - 6 to 7 weeks
  • FastTrack - 4 to 5 weeks


Course Agenda

  • Business Opportunities for IoT
  • Introduction to IoT Solution Architecture
  • Core components of an Azure IoT Solution Architecture
  • IoT Hardware and Cloud Services
  • Lab : Getting Started with Azure IoT Services
  • Lab: Create an Azure account and use the Azure portal to create an IoT Hub and DPS service
  • Core features of the IoT Hub services
  • Lifecycle of an Azure IoT device
  • IoT Hub and Devices
  • IoT Developer Tools
  • Device identities management using IoT hub.
  • Device Configuration and Communication
  • Lab: Setup the Development Environment
  • Lab: Register devices with the IoT Hub using the Azure portal, Azure CLI, and Visual Studio Code
  • Lab: Implement the IoT Hub Device and Service SDKs
  • Device Provisioning Service Terms and Concepts
  • Configure and Manage the Device Provisioning Service
  • Device provisioning and the features of the Device Provisioning Service
  • Managing security considerations associated with device provisioning
  • Implement the Device Provisioning Service SDKs
  • Device enrolment process, including deprovisioning and disenrollment
  • Lab: Individual Enrolment of Devices in DPS
  • Lab: Automatic Enrolment of Devices in DPS
  • Messages and Message Processing
  • Configure message and event routing
  • Data Storage Options
  • Route data to the built-in and custom endpoints
  • Implement message enrichment
  • Implement Azure Stream Analytics Inputs, Queries, and Outputs
  • Store message data in a warm storage for historical purposes and additional analysis
  • Use an Azure Function within a message processing and analytics solution
  • Lab: Device Message Routing
  • Lab: Filtering and Aggregating Message Data
  • Business Integration for IoT Solutions
  • Develop business integration support using Logic Apps and Event Grid
  • Data Visualization with Time Series Insights
  • Configure IoT Data for Visualization in Time Series Insights
  • Configure IoT Data for Visualization in Power BI
  • Lab: Integrate IoT Hub with Event Grid
  • Lab: Explore and Analyse Time Stamped Data with Time Series Insights
  • Introduction to Azure IoT Edge
  • Difference between an IoT device and an IoT Edge device
  • Configure an IoT Edge device
  • Implement an IoT Edge deployment using a deployment manifest Edge Gateway Devices
  • Lab: Introduction to IoT Edge
  • Lab: Set Up an IoT Edge Gateway
  • Develop Custom Edge Modules
  • Requirements for building a custom edge module
  • Deploy a custom module to an IoT Edge device
  • Visual Studio Code for developing containerized modules
  • Offline and Local Storage
  • Implement local storage on an IoT Edge device in support of an offline scenario
  • Lab: Develop, Deploy, and Debug a Custom Module on Azure IoT Edge
  • Lab: Run an IoT Edge Device in Restricted Network and Offline
  • Introduction to IoT Device Management
  • Device management patterns and configuration best practices
  • Implement device management
  • Manage IoT and IoT Edge Devices
  • Implement device management at scale using automatic device management and jobs
  • Lab : Remotely Monitor and Control Devices with Azure IoT Hub
  • Lab : Automatic Device Management
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Options for monitoring and logging an Azure IoT solution
  • Configure Azure Monitor to support of an IoT solution
  • Configure IoT Hub Metrics to support of an IoT solution
  • Implement diagnostics logging
  • Troubleshoot IoT device connection and communication issues
  • Lab : Configure Metrics and Logs in Azure IoT Hub
  • Lab : Monitor and Debug Connection Failures
  • Security Fundamentals for IoT Solutions
  • Security concerns and best practices for an IoT solution
  • Features and support provided by Azure Security Center for IoT
  • Azure IoT Security Architecture and Threat Modeling
  • Configure Security Agents and Security Module Twins
  • Enhance Protection with Azure Security Centre for IoT Agents
  • Lab: Implementing Azure Security Centre for IoT
  • Introduction to IoT Central
  • Difference between Azure IoT Central and the Azure IoT PaaS services
  • Create and Manage Device Templates
  • Manage Devices in Azure IoT Central
  • Manage devices using rules and notifications
  • Mange devices at scale using jobs
  • Features provided by Azure IoT Central
  • Purpose and components of a Device Template
  • Create and publish a Device Template
  • Lab: Get Started with Azure IoT Central
  • Lab: Implementing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT Central



Problem Statement: - Develop an IoT solution to send certain information such as Temperature, Pressure and humidity for remote monitoring.

Description: - As an IoT solution architect you had been assigned a project to develop a solution to monitor some industrial environment from remote. The units to be measured and sends using Azure IoT are temperature, humidity and pressure. Your solution will build up to send metadata to describe its capabilities. It will respond to action triggered from the devices pages in the solution as well as respond to configuration changes sends from the device page in the solution.

Problem Statement: - Send message to an MQTT server

Description: - There is a big challenge while implementing an IoT solution and that is internet speed and bandwidth. With poor quality or slow internet connection your motivation might not meet the target needed. MQTT is an machine to machine communication protocol to work in such challenging conditions and provide an uninterrupted service. Here you will learn how to use MQTT Client library to send message to an MQTT broker and configure your device as MQTT client.

Problem Statement: - This is a security essential project to trigger notification when a door is opened.

Description: - In this project you will work with certain sensor that can detect the presence or absence of nearby strong magnetic field to decide if the door is closed or open. The detection of nearby moving magnet will play an important role to send crossponding notification through e-mail about certain presence and doors movement.



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