Summer Internship On - Full Stack IOT Development & AWS Deployement

  • Course Duration (30 + 15)Hrs. Learning + Implementation
  • Course Mode Instructor Led Online Training
  • Date & Time Batch Start -30th May 2022

About The Course

IOT is one the technology that revolutionised the Internet needs and uses. Now Internet is not limited to your Web Browsers. It can be accessed, used and entertained by anything around us.
AICouncil designed a workshop over IOT as per Industry need. You will work upon one of leading cloud service of this generation, AWS. It will make you industry ready with experience over end-to-end project development using AWS cloud services and AVR Development Boards.

Key Features

Instructor–led training

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Regular assignment and assessments

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  • IOT network Configuration
  • Hardware and IDE support needed
  • Embedded C and Python for IOT
  • Cloud Platform – AWS & Adafruit
  • DynamoDB NO-SQL Database
  • AWS EC2 Instances
  • AWS Lambda for Cloud Computing
  • Simple Notification Services
  • Node RED for remote access
  • IFTTT for Voice assistant and Control

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to AWS
  • Creating AWS account
  • Introduction to AWS Services
  • AWS Architecture and management console
  • IOT Brief
  • IOT in industry and home
  • IOT applications and solutions
  • Electronics devices and development boards
  • Sensors
  • Introduction and comparison of Arduino, Raspberry-bi and Node MCU
  • What are cloud services and servers?
  • Thingspeak v/s Adafruit IO vs Blynk
  • AWS IOT services introduction
  • What are communication protocols
  • MQTT v/s HTTP v/s COEP
  • Understanding MQTT in detail
  • Concept of Publisher and Subscriber
  • Concept of Broker
  • Cloud based MQTT broker – ThingMQ, CloudMQTT, Thingstudio,
  • Thing Registry introduction
  • Create a device in Thing Registry
  • Generate certificates and keys for secure communications
  • What are shadows?
  • Configure and test rules
  • Granting AWS IoT the Required Access
  • Creating an AWS IoT Rule
  • Viewing & Deleting Your Rules
  • AWS IoT Rule Actions
  • Expressions
  • Functions & JSON Extensions
  • Substitution Templates
  • Device Shadows Data Flow
  • Device Shadows Documents
  • Using Device Shadows
  • MQTT Pub/Sub Messages
  • Document Syntax & Error Messages
  • Python script for making a device publisher
  • Python script as subscriber
  • Establishing a connection between AWS IOT broker and your device
  • Test your connection by enabling communication
  • AWS IOT as Publisher and Subscriber
  • IAM Identities
  • IAM Roles
  • IAM Roles Use Cases
  • Creating IAM Roles
  • Introduction to NO-SQL database
  • SQL v/s NO-SQL
  • Create database in Dynamo DB
  • JSON for enabling data storage
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management) for Dynamo DB
  • Define Rule action in IOT to store the information in Database
  • Verify the information routed to Dynamo DB from IOT
  • Brief of SNS services
  • Configure SNS service
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management) for SNS
  • Define Rule action in IOT to enable notification to client
  • Enable SNS for emailing and messages of information collected through IOT
  • What is AWS Lambda
  • Configurations of AWS lambda
  • Python script for computation using Lambda
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management) for AWS Lambda
  • Define Rule action in IOT to route the data to computation playground Lambda
  • Compute over IOT
  • Configure AWS lambda, Dynamo DB and IOT together to store the computational output



Problem Statement: - Enable Data communication wirelessly between a device and Server.

Description: - In this project you need to configure your cloud platform AWS to receive the data from sensor at your home or industry and route the information to your email or phone number in case of any threshold value matched. This project will let you work over sensors, development boards, AWS IOT services, Identity and access management and notification services of AWS.

Problem Statement: - Automate your home devices to be controlled and adjusted wirelessly through Internet.

Description: - In this project you will work upon AWS Core IOT to publish and subscribe simultaneously. It will be a combine project for monitoring and controlling a unit. Your module should be capable to access information and help you to monitor a device for real time status and generate a control signal to be transferred through internet from any geo location. For example, in real time you can monitor the total power consumption at your home and shut down the unit which are not required.

Problem Statement: - Compute over the sensor value received and store in a database for live feed and past information accessibility along with real time maintenances.

    Description: - It is project which let you work over AWS core IOT, AWS Lambda and AWS Dynamo DB. The main purpose is to store all the information gathered after doing the computation using AWS lambda. It means IOT will let you collect the raw sensor values and cloud computing will let you access the information from it that matters. For example, through IOT you can collect information about how many devices or units are working in real time in an industry along with number of manpower present and environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. Using the information lambda can be used to calculate the power consumption in real time which can be managed remotely through internet. Environmental conditions can also be analysed and maintained based upon number of people and machines in operations for better power management.



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AI Council offers you the latest, appropriate and most importantly the real-world projects throughout your training period. This makes student to gain industry level experience and converting the learning’s into solution to create the projects. Each Training Module is having Task or projects designed for the students so that you can evaluate your learning’s. You will be working on projects related to different industries such as marketing, e-commerce, automation, sales etc.
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