₹ 7200

Python Training and Certification for Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analysis comes into the frame with huge data collections and large numbers of machine learning applications development around the globe. This course w...

₹ 7500

SAS Training and Certification

This SAS certification program will make sense if you want to understand business intelligence and analytics. On completion one can be able to read a database or spread...

₹ 6800

MongoDB with Python Training and Certification

This MongoDB certification program is designed to master the NoSQL database driven in a structured manner comprises of MongoDB installation, data indexing, data modelling, schema design, monitoring...

₹ 8100

Apache Spark and Scala Training and Certification

AICouncil certification and training will let you to create Spark applications using Scala programming. A clear difference between Spark and Hadoop can be understood wi...

₹ 9100

Machine Learning using Python Training & Certification

AICouncil certification and training program on Machine Learning is a well-planned program to master the technology as per recent trend and need. Participants will avail with real time data to work...

₹ 11700

Deep Learning and Neural Network Training & Certification

AICouncils’ Deep learning course is designed by AI professionals in such a way that each and every concept related to artificial neural networks, tensorflow frame...

₹ 6800

Data Analysis, Mining and Modelling using R Training & Certification

AICouncil creates training and development program with maximum focus over hands 0n learning experiences. This training will lead to in depth knowledge of R programming...

₹ 9700

Big Data, Hadood and Spark Training & Certification

AICouncil certified Training and certification program will let you understand Big Data Hadoop and Spark with around 15 real-time industry oriented project development....

₹ 5700

Tableau Certification Training

Data visualisation is basically a process to present a data in such a way that even a non-analyst or non-tech person can also make sense of it. Representing a data over...