₹ 7300

Blockchain Training & Certification

Block chain is something which will lead majority of data storage and information sharing for upcoming IT industry. We will understand about fundamentals of blocks and ...

₹ 6800

Solidity Blockchain Developer Certification

Solidity, a native language of ethereum which enables us in launching projects on ethereum blockchain platform. It’s an object oriented language used to build and...

₹ 3500

Python Essentials

Python is a general purpose interpreter based high-level language. It is one of most interactive object-oriented open-source programming language with the feature of fl...

₹ 15500

IOT on Blockchain

When multiple participants, such as farms, manufacturers, processing plants, trucks, ports, ships, distribution centers, and consumer retail outlets, are involved in th...

₹ 11900

IBM Hyperledger Fabric

AICouncil offers industry oriented training course on Hyperledger Blockchain technology. We designed this course to help professionals to meet their goals and create re...

₹ 7500

Node JS Essentials

AICouncil designed a beginner course of NodeJS. It is primarily developed to let you work on Blockchain development more smoothly.This is primarily focused to let you build network applications qui...

₹ 5700

MongoDB Essentials

AICouncil certification training program on MongoDb will let you learn NoSQL database with best practice. In this program you will learn about MongoDB installation, data modelling, schema design, d...