₹ 7700

Web application Penitration Testing Training & Certification [WAPT]

The WAPT Training is a online training program in the field of web application security. In this training program, you will learn how to perform a vulnerability assessm...

₹ 7700

Ethical Hacking Training & Certification

AI Council’s Certification as Ethical Hacker will let you earn hands-on training experience to be proficient in getting through the techniques that a hacker do to...

₹ 4700

SQL Essentials

AICouncil is offering SQL essentials course to give you edge over further technical learning processes. You will learn about different types of databases, languages and designs with the concepts of...

₹ 8600

Mobile Application Penitration Testing [MAPT]

AICouncil is offering course on Mobile application penetration testing with several guided Hands on exercises to improve your pentesting skills. The evolution of mobile application has created a ne...

₹ 9300

Thick Client Application Penetration Testing

Thick client is not a new concept but penetration testing process for thick client is not as straight as Web Application Penetration testing. Thick client is basically ...

₹ 7800

API Penetration Testing Certification Training

API stands for Application Programming Interfaces. In this practice we are involved with a process of testing APIs to determine their credibility, functionality, securi...

₹ 8700

Network & Server Penetration Testing

This specialisation in Network and Server security testing is intended for IT professionals, programmers, managers, IT security personnel and who want to build their career as network system securi...