Network & Server Penetration Testing

  • Course Duration30 Hrs.
  • Course ModeInstructor Led Training
  • Course Fee₹ 8700

About The Course

This specialisation in Network and Server security testing is intended for IT professionals, programmers, managers, IT security personnel and who want to build their career as network system security consultant. With course we will let you learn about designing and analysing secured network systems and perform penetration testing to secure Networked Systems with Firewall and IDS, which will prepare you to perform tasks as Cyber Security Engineer, IT Security Analyst, and Cyber Security Analyst.
AICouncil’s Network and server testing certification program will follow hands on practices, trainings and certification based current industry needs. We will provide the course materials, tutorial curriculum, demo videos, sample questions, books, tips and tricks. Join the program to start your learning with subject experts and instructors to improve your technical skills.

Key Features

Instructor–led training

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Regular assignment and assessments

Real-time projects after every module

Lifetime accessibility

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Globally Recognized Certification

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  • Reduction of production failure
  • Improvement in defect Identification
  • Quality of infrastructure
  • Quickened test execution
  • Software in a systematic and controlled procedure
  • Reduction in downtime.
  • Improvement in quality of service.
  • Availability of stable environments.
  • Reduction in the cost involved in risks.
  • Better user experience.

Mode of Learning and Duration

  • Weekdays - 4 to 5 weeks
  • Weekend - 5 to 6 weeks
  • FastTrack - 3 to 4 weeks
  • Weekdays - 4 to 5 weeks
  • Weekend - 5 to 6 weeks
  • FastTrack - 3 to 4 weeks


Course Agenda

  • Provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator
  • Prevention and monitoring if unauthorized access
  • Misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network
  • Network-accessible resources.
  • Configuration of System
  • 32/64 bit
  • VMware
  • Penetration testing OS like Kali/Parrot
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows 7
  • Active Information Gathering in depth
  • Passive Information Gathering in depth
  • Sniffing
  • Vulnerability Scanning.
  • “Exploiting Windows and Linux System
  • Application of Metasploit
  • Creating malicious files (standalone binaries) using msfvenom
  • Remote Exploit
  • Evading Antivirus
  • Bypass
  • Exploiting using different File Format
  • Post Exlploitation
  • Hack an android device and get details out of it.
  • ARP
  • Manipulations needed to mount sophisticated attacks
  • Sniffing
  • Network theory
  • Actual attack scenarios
  • Tools available
  • Man in the middle attacks
  • Mount man in the middle attacks within local networks and over the Internet.
  • Cover their tracks
  • Test the efficiency of the target organization incident response team
  • Social engineering module
  • Real world attacks
  • Social Engineering Toolkit.
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • How to attack and access remote Wi-Fi networks
  • Obtain keys, password and much more
  • Configuration and security mechanism of a network
  • Attacks against WEP
  • WPA, WPA2 and WPS network attacks
  • Wi-Fi as an attack vector
  • Fake networks
  • Obtain credentials
  • Run MitM attacks and much more.



Problem Statement: - Run an Infrastructure testing process to make sure a software suits with the infrastructure present with all security measures.

Description: - Software needs an infrastructure to run. In this project we cover testing process for hardware, software and networks. It involves with testing of a code that reads configuration values from different things in the IT framework. It reduces the risk of failure and getting attacked. The testing exercises assured that IT applications and the fundamental infrastructure are turned to deliver on execution, adaptability, unwavering quality, accessibility, performance, and scalability. The aim of the project is to test infrastructure between test environments, tools and office environments. When new infrastructure design is prepared for the software, it becomes necessary to perform this testing. It is needed to ensure if new infrastructure functionality is working as intended.



Career Support

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There is no such prerequisite if you are enrolling for Master’s Course as everything will start from scratch. Whether you are a working IT professional or a fresher you will find a course well planned and designed to incorporate trainee from various professional backgrounds.

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We are providing a 24/7 assistance for the ease of the student. Any query can be raised through the interface itself as well as can be communicated through email also. If someone is facing difficulties with above methods mentioned above we can arrange a one on one session with the trainer to help you with difficulties faced in learning. You can raise the query throughout the total training period as well as after the completion of the training.
AI Council offers you the latest, appropriate and most importantly the real-world projects throughout your training period. This makes student to gain industry level experience and converting the learning’s into solution to create the projects. Each Training Module is having Task or projects designed for the students so that you can evaluate your learning’s. You will be working on projects related to different industries such as marketing, e-commerce, automation, sales etc.
Yes, we do provide the job assistance so that a learner can apply for a job directly after the completion of the training. We have tied-ups with companies so when required we refers our students to those companies for interviews. Our team will help you to build a good resume and will trained you for your job interview.
After the successful completion of the training program and the submission of assignments/quiz, projects you have to secure at least B grade in qualifying exam, AI Council certified certificate will be awarded to you. Every certificate will be having a unique number through which same can be verified on our site.
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A Capstone project is an outcome of the culminating learning throughout the academic years. It is the final project that represents your knowledge, efforts in the field of educational learning. It can be chosen by the mentor or by the students to come with a solution.
Yes, for obtaining the certificate of diploma programmer you have to submit the capstone project.